Wednesday, November 10, 2004

MAYWOOD TRUTH IS ALIVE AND WELL - It has been nine months since I've put up my last post, but I have not gone anywhere. Unfortunately, it might appear that - based on the last post - your mayor has succeeded in bullying me but that is NOT the case.

The truth is, I've been busy paying personal attention to my life and I'm looking to find the time to resume as this is a volunteer endeavor. Please feel free to E-mail me with any thoughts and ideas at the listed address.

I have NOT folded this site. Why do you think it's still here? The older posts here are as relative today as they were then.

Technical problems, presumably from the web host, have caused delays in my trying to update this site. For example, I've lost the familiar table of contents starting this site, which I must reconstruct, and some new posts, which I'll have to re-write.

I'm upset because I see that many duplicate posts have somehow shown up, after my first post way at the bottom, made in 2002. I have no idea why, or, short of folding this site, how to get rid of them.

In trying to update this site a few weeks back, I submitted one post and about 80 copies were published! i'm not too thrilled with Blogger folks. The site is becoming a chore to maintain. But I'm alive and well and doing my best with limited resources and time - something your politicians have plenty of.

If duplicates of this intro follow, it isn't my fault. I'll have to delete them.

Chris Neidenberg

NOTE ON THE ELECTION - I see the Democrats swept and that the GOP will have only one seat in January. As further possible evidence of the "Demopublican" revolving door which rules with an almost unchecked swagger in Maywood, a former 2002 Republican council candidate, Erich Fleischmann, changed sides and is now the new Democratic Councilman-elect. Hmmm.

Is this the first step toward Mayor Richards' "on again, off-again" plans to establish an alleged "non-partisan" form of government?

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